Happy Hallmark Day

February 13, 2015

Driving through a parking lot this morning I had to stop several times for people rushing in front of my car. Wild-eyed men-type people.

Then it hit me: tomorrow is Valentine’s Day. They were going to See’s.

Once I was out of elementary school and no longer decorating shoeboxes for my Valentine “mail,” the day lost its charm. I get the sentiment—it’s the hype I hate. It feels manufactured, like See’s and Hallmark are in cahoots. Oh—and Target.

I was in Target on December 27 and they had Valentine merchandise displayed. Hand to God.

We last went out for Valentine’s Day about 20 years ago. My husband made reservations at a small upscale Italian restaurant I loved. We arrived and were told they were running late, that we’d be seated—hopefully—within an hour.

How is that even possible with a reservation?

So we went across the street to In-and-Out. We sat there, all dressed up, eating our cheeseburgers and fries. Best dinner ever.

Here’s how I’ll spend tomorrow: I’ll go for a short run pending knee cooperation, then I’m scheduled for a rowing class later in the morning. I’ll take a shower, then bake peanut butter cookies with Dove chocolate hearts pushed into the tops just because I’m not a total Debbie Downer. If it’s not too late, I’ll do some weeding because it’s supposed to be about 85 degrees. Dinner’s still a question mark. Ordinarily we’d go out on Saturday anyway, but everything’s going to be packed so maybe we’ll just see what time Gonzaga plays and order pizza.

Sounds like a perfect day.

It should have been a sign--I never did like these candies.

It should have been a sign–I never did like these candies.


  1. Kate Crimmins

    I never did like those candies either! I had my husband stop the overpriced flowers from the florist and get a bunch I could put in one of my beautiful vases. We are having a wonderful shrimp dinner that we make. It’s like any holiday. It’s too expensive and busy to really enjoy eating out. Pizza sounds lovely.

    • Linda Tharp

      Enjoy your shrimp dinner! I’ve requested no more overpriced, arranged-a-week-ago florist bouquets from my husband, too. One year in it’s place I had flowers delivered anonymously to a recent widow we knew from church. That was the most special Valentine’s Day feeling I remember…knowing someone’s day had (hopefully!) been made.


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