More About Me

41 random facts about me

  1. I’ve been called quirky. I prefer “whimsical.”
  2. I played the flute in elementary school.
  3. I’ve lived in 2 different states.
  4. I enjoy shopping for yarn more than I enjoy knitting.
  5. I’ve never experienced the benefits of a convection oven. I’m probably doing something wrong.
  6. Ferris wheels make me queasy.
  7. If they had showers, I could live at Target.
  8. I have oatmeal with raspberries and blueberries every day for breakfast.
  9. I’m a fourth-generation Californian.
  10. If I had a do-over, I’d be a physician. Or an interior decorator.
  11. I bought a stuffed goat in Switzerland. I named him William.

William the Goat

  1. One day I’ll print all my Pinterest recipes.
  2. One day I’ll try all the recipes I’ve pinned.
  3. I like saying “I ran” more than I like saying “I run.”
  4. Rarely do I have all 10 toenails at the same time. See above.
  5. I have a food scale, but it’s purely decorative.
  6. I used to drive a Mini Cooper.
  7. Once I find a nail polish color I like, I stick with it. For months.
  8. When she was little, I had our middle daughter convinced I really did have eyes in the back of my head.
  9. I carry lipgloss with me when I run.
  10. I studied German for 4 years.
  11. I like coffee flavoring but hate coffee.
  12. I expected to see frogs in the Frog Pond at Boston Commons.
  13. I’m very literal. See above.
  14. I like Hoka running shoes, palindromes, and the smell the heater makes the first time it comes on for the season.
  15. I think they should ban Play-Doh, bullfights, and lemon-lime Gatorade.
  16. I’m fluent in ig-pay atin-lay.
  17. My favorite color is periwinkle. Or sky-blue pink.
  18. I’ve never tried creme brûlée.
  19. I’d spend my lottery winnings at Pottery Barn.
  20. I have 3 daughters.
  21. The first pet I remember was a dachshund named Trixie. She came with the name.
  22. Growing up, my friend and I used Trixie as a bus for our Barbies.
  23. I’ve got as much technological know-how as the average third grader. Maybe less.
  24. I’ve met a U.S. president.
  25. “Linda” was my dad’s choice of names. My mom wanted “Terry.”
  26. My daughter sewed me a cape to wear at my last half marathon. It’s a long story.

Me and my cape at the Disneyland Avengers Half Marathon. Did I mention I can’t stand superheroes or costumes at races?

  1. The recent result of a “no-fail” pizza dough recipe wound up in the trash.
  2. I’ve been married longer than not. To the same man.
  3. I hate camping.
  4. I’ve made it to adulthood without knowing how to properly fold a fitted sheet.