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Linda Tharp

writer. wonderer. wadder of fitted sheets.

A Little Bit About the Author

hi, I’m Linda

I’m an author, a runner, and an overthinker.

I’m able to identify the pivotal point in my life, that instant responsible for creating a before and an after. Maybe you’ve experienced an instant like that too, or you’ve witnessed someone else’s instant. If this is you, welcome. Even it if isn’t you, welcome. (And if it isn’t you, I hope it stays that way. But if circumstances should change, know that you’ll be okay. I am. Know also that it’s fine if you don’t know how to fold a fitted sheet. Life’s short. Don’t worry about it.)

Linda Tharp 


A Fieldful of Wishes

A true project of the heart, I wrote “A Fieldful of Wishes” for my soon-to-be-born first grandchild.

The book explores the alphabet as it gently illustrates, through rhyme and vivid watercolors, such fundamentals as empathy, curiosity, and authenticity while celebrating the simplicity of childhood.

In The Works

Progress, Not Perfection

These words are great in a hypothetical context. But applied to real life? Not so much. At least not so much in my real life. Because I’m writing a memoir. And it’s something I’ve spent a long time on and something I’m really happy with and really proud of, and something someone who’s work and writing I so admire also really likes. Really likes. But apparently my manuscript isn’t good enough, because it isn’t long enough.

Convention dictates the appropriate length of a memoir. Regardless of how many words are required to tell the story, regardless of word economy, my manuscript is too short. I have not taken enough of the reader’s time. I have been too economical with my word choices.

And so.

I must add without inflating. I must add without confabulating. I must, because I’ve come to far to quit.

And I must achieve this without the benefit of diet Coke, because I kicked my 3-Big-Gulp-a-day habit almost a year ago.

I must be crazy.

Humans Being

Random Observations from a Random Observer

Life in 140 Characters Or Less

“Here: Take my debit card. Do you have some paper? A pen? Because I can write down the password for you. And there’s an ATM right around the corner.” ---Me during a run to would-be robber who wants my new Apple watch I bought for it's GPS/pacing capabilities. Little...

Jack Of No Trades

“What do you want to be when you grow up?” That’s a question I’m still trying to answer. Maybe it’s easier as a kid, before limits are placed and doubts set in. And bills accumulate. The easier question now is, “What don’t you want to be?” I’ll tell you what—but it’s...

A (Imagined) Conversation with David Sedaris

Me: I understand you’re interested in writing my biography. First, let me say I’m flattered. David: It’s something I’ve wanted to— Me: Wait. I’m not finished. Again, I’m flattered. But I’m also concerned. Your last book—what was it, Squirrel Seeks Chipmunk ?—wasn’t my...

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